About me


My name is Kenia and I am behind ShowroomCrochet.  When I was young I wanted to be fashion designer but I opted finally for studying economics (I know, it is totally different). I worked as an accountant for many years, it was nice, I liked my job but I needed to find something more, something related with what I love, something related with create new things . During many years I tested some art crafts. On 2013 I started to crochet thanks to my mom who tough me how to work basic stitches, since then I haven´t been able to stop! , it was love at first sight. I am an enthusiastic crocheter. I love all arts crafts but crochet is my real passion. I enjoyed testing new techniques and yarns. When my crochet skills was quite enough I started to design my own crochet projects. One day I designed a baby shoes by chance and I realized that it was just what I wanted to do.  On 2016 I opened my shop on Etsy and my first crochet blog. I had to learn lots of things: learn about photography, social media, basic concepts of marketing online, even programming language, etc… It was exhausting because, at the same time, I worked as an accountant for a company so my working day was 11 or 12 hours. My blog was not successful, I tried it but there were too many crochet blogs made from really talented people so I decided to focus on designing crochet pattern. At this time I designed the Vans style shoes , to my surprise, it become so popular so people was starting to know about my patterns. I thought ” well,  it seems my persistence will pay off in the end” 😉

Since then I have been working in new designs and I am so grateful for each comments or reviews I have received about them. Designing is so funny but knowing that you like and enjoy crocheting my patterns mean a word to me.

As you can see, my story has its hits and mistakes, the most important thing is I have never stop trying and it is my message to you.

I hope you enjoyed knowing a little about me and my story, thank you so much for your visit ! You are more than welcome to leave a comment and share with me your story about crochet, how do you discover it?