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Tutorials These videos will help you to learn more about the crochet technique

Videos are divided into different sections.

  • Basic stitches
  • Some special stitches
  • Techniques
  • Tapestry crochet
Learn how to read the instructions of my patterns

Basic stitches

ch chain st

sc single crochet

dc double crochet

sc2tog single crochet decrease

dc2tog double crochet decrease

invsc2tog invisible sc decrease

slst slip stitch

hdc half double crochet

tr treble st

hdc2tog half double crochet decrease

invhdc2tog invisible half double crochet decrease

Some special stitches

Hhdc Herringbone half double crochet


Ch3 counts as first st/ Ch3 doesn´t count as first st

Ch1 counts as first st/ Ch1 doesn´t count as first st

Standing single crochet

How to adjust your gauge

Ch2 counts as first st/ Ch2 doesn´t count as first st

Back loop only/ Front loop only

Magic ring

Tapestry crochet

How to join second colour

How to avoid tangles while working tapestry crochet

Adjust the thread so that it is well hidden