Standing Single Crochet Tutorial

When you are crocheting baby or adult shoes is quite normal rejoin the yarn several times so I strongly recommend using Standing Single Crochet method, it can be replace by the traditional (slst, ch-1, sc in same st) join however Standing Single Crochet gives a neater finish. Surprisingly a lot of crocheters still do not know about it so  if you are one of those stick around and continue reading ;-)

Standing single crochet instructions:

1# Start with a slip knot already on your hook


 2# Insert your hook into the indicated stitch

3#Yarn over… 

4# …and pull up a loop

5#Yarn over again… 

6# …and pull through both loops on your hook

You have completed the Standing Single Crochet, now you can continue working as usual. It is so easy, isn´t it ?

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