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These videos will help you to learn more about the crochet technique.
Videos are divided into different sections:

Basic stitches
Some special stitches
Tapestry crochet


Learn how to read the instructions of my patterns:





Basic stitches 


chain st [ch]
single crochet [sc]
double crochet [dc]
single crochet decrease [sc2tog]
double crochet decrease [dc2tog]
invisible sc decrease [invsc2tog]
slip stitch [slst]
half double crochet [hdc]
treble st [tr]
half double crochet decrease [hdc2tog]
invisible half double crochet decrease [invhdc2tog]


Some special stitches

Herringbone half double crochet [Hhdc]



Ch3 counts as first st/ Ch3 doesn´t count as first st
Ch1 counts as first st/ Ch1 doesn´t count as first st
Standing single crochet
How to adjust your gauge
Ch2 counts as first st/ Ch2 doesn´t count as first st
Back loop only/ Front loop only
Magic ring

Tapestry crochet

How to join second colour
How to avoid tangles while working tapestry crochet
Adjust the thread so that it is well hidden