Learn how to make modern crochet garments

Get to know new stitches, discover advanced level tips or try new techniques while crocheting a modern garment. In my patterns you will find clear instructions and the necessary resources so that you can make it look “like the one in the photo”.


My name is Kenya and I design crochet garments and accessories since 2016. In these years I have improved my skills as a designer and the way to make patterns. I have gained enough experience to know what it takes for a pattern to work and to be easy to understand and fun to knit.

Surely you will understand when I say that there is nothing more frustrating than getting tangled up in a pattern which is unclear and whose instructions are confusing. If this has ever happened to you, it is most likely that you have left it halfway. If it was free, you would have wasted your time and if it was a pattern paid, then you will have wasted your time and maybe your money.

Better that you see it

As we don’t know much about each other at the moment (although I hope that changes 😉), the best thing is that you see it for yourself. If you click below, you can subscribe to my newsletter and, as a welcome gift, you will receive the Top Selflove pattern crocheting with the Tapestry crochet technique. Other fellow crocheters who have already made it have commented that it is very fun to see how the drawing appears as you crochet, it is very entertaining and also includes a video where I explain some tips to knit tapestry crochet in an easy way and without getting tangled the threads.


Patrón de crochet. Top Ekam.

5,78 (Sin IVA /Excluding tax)

Patrón de crochet. Top Anica.

5,78 (Sin IVA /Excluding tax)

Crochet pattern. Top Lovegood.

5,78 (Sin IVA /Excluding tax)

Classic sneakers crochet pattern

4,45 (Sin IVA /Excluding tax)


Learn crochet basic stitches or some useful techniques with these videos