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About Showroomcrochet

Hi, I am here to teaching you how to make my crochet designs so that you can crochet them yourself with my patterns help

Have you ever stopped to think what it means to know how to crochet?
It involves turning a skein of yarn into a garment or accessory. Crocheters are able to create new beautiful thigs from the raw material and just using a stick with a small hook it seems almost magic, doesn’t it?
Once you know the technique the possibilities are unlimited. Millions of designs, different options, types of fibers, thicknesses, colors … a whole world opens

Front my point of view, the job of a crochet designer is to make combinations that work and translate it into a pattern in such a way that another person can do it.


The first step is to think about the design of the garment (type of garment, shape, etc.)


¡Let´s play! It’s time to choose fiber, thickness, stitches, techniques, color combination, etc …


When you choose your perfect combination it is time to start crocheting Make it as many times as necessary until it is exactly as you want. Write down each step you make or it will be impossible to reproduce it exactly the same.


We do not all have the same size so it is time to calculate the stitches, rounds and variations so that your pattern can be make in different sizes.


Edite your pattern, write the instructions, photos, create videos if necessary. All the information must be reflected so that another crocheter can learn how to crochet it. If you do it in several languages, add your pattern to the TRANSLATE list


It’s time for those wonderful crocheters who test the pattern and verify that everything is ok

Once everything is ok, the pattern is ready.

After some experience, all weavers are capable of designing, but doing it correctly takes time that often we do not have or we simply prefer to invest in something else When you buy a pattern you are not spending € X, you are saving hours of tests and trials since all that work has been done for you, the designer and their testers and / or translators have already done it for you
You can see a design that you like, buy the pattern and materials and in five minutes you can be crocheting, fast and simple! So easy.
There will always be moments when you want to take your creativity for a walk and enjoy the entire design process, but there will also be moments when you just want to sit down with your tea or coffee and crochet that garment or accessory that you have liked so much, crochet patterns are made to those moments.

I imagine that if you are here it is because you are interested in what I do, maybe you have seen one of my designs and want to make it and nothing would make me more excited than being able to show you the whole process
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About me

My job

In addition to ShowroomCrochet, I have been working full time at the company BVLed for 6 years. I work as an accountant but also I manage the e-commerce of the company I love my work, we are as a family

My life style

I consider myself as a person who love Slow-living style I am a calm person, I love nature, sports and healthy life I am creative, I love positive people with good energy and I am a great animal lover.


As a designer I’ve been through many different moments , but now I would define my style as minimalist After living 1 year in Denmark, I was deeply infected with the Scandinavian style in many aspects of my life. This style tend to prioritize comfort and practicality, as well as the use of neutral colors is clearly present in my current designs


I started creating my own patterns in 2016, at which time I opened a shop on Etsy and Ravelry. It was mostly a hobby for me, but for a couple of years it has been a second job to which I dedicate many hours.


Crochet takes a lot of my spare time, but I also save time to practice Asthanga yoga every day, go on a hiking trail, spend time with my friends and family, and sit down to watch a good series or movie with the company of my kitten Frida

A little gossip?

Although I have lived in a few places, right now I am happy to have returned to my hometown I live in a beautiful town on the shore of the Mediterranean called Aguilas in Murcia (Spain), I am 40 years old and I live happly alone with the company of my beautiful cat Frida. I like to get up early, I get up between 5 and 6 in the morning so from 8:00 p.m. I can only crochet, watch a series or read. I love traveling, I think it opens the mind and the spirit I believe in good and bad energy and I consider myself a very intuitive person both with people and with life situations. I love learning new things.


I love working with other creators or brands. There are always interesting things you can learns from these experiences, the times that I have had the opportunity to make collaborations, have been very satisfactory for me, so if you want to collaborate with me, write to or contact me through Instagram or Facebook.